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Where To Start If You Want To Grow On Twitter

Growing your social spaces such as Twitter requires a lot of patience. Unless you are a celebrity or something abrupt happens that attracts your followers. You need to ensure you are putting a good effort into the growth of your account.

This article will highlight tips on gaining Twitter followers. If you follow each of the tips given below, you will see numbers go up in a given period.

Join Twitter growth communities

Some people come up with communities to help each other grow. If you are new to Twitter, you can join one of the communities and be an active participant. You will be updated on which days and what time the community will be encouraging people to follow each other.

Follow people with a good follow-back ratio

Follow back ratio means someone’s followers compared to the people they are following. If the ratio is 1:1, it means for every 500 followers, you are following 500 people. Ratios that range there and about are a good sign you will be followed back.

If someone has more followers compared to the people they follow back, they are less likely to follow you back if you follow them. Always look at the follow back ratio and consider whether it is proportional.


Be a consistent tweeter on relevant matters. You can choose to tweet trending matters or trending hashtags. This way, you get a chance to interact with a lot of people at the same time and encourage them to follow your account.

Consistency also means your followers will always have some content to anticipate from your account. This method will also allow you to note which of your posted content is most liked by your followers.

Create a strong profile and bio

Your profile information will be the first impression. Here, people can learn more about you and, in turn, follow you if they find your tweets relevant. Note that you do not have to include all of your official information. Just put out there what is comfortable for you.

Tape your link on your other social media platforms. At the same time, share the link to your Twitter handle with your friends and encourage them to share with other people. This way, you will draw more traffic to your account and gain more followers.


Tag other people in your tweets, but always ensure it is relevant. This could be people, companies, or other institutions that relate to the tweet you have just posted. Did you know if you tag someone, and they retweet your tweet, their followers can see what you tweeted and interact with your content?

Tagging goes hand in hand with using hashtags. People find content easier with hashtags. Be careful, however, not to overdo the hashtags. Normally they say one or two hashtags are enough, the maximum is three.

In conclusion, it is easy to grow your Twitter account using the above-mentioned tips, whether it is your first time or not.