Signs Through Which You Can Spot Counterfeit Money

There are several ways a person can identify a counterfeit banknote. However, many people are unaware of these, which can lead to them getting cheated and given a fake banknote in exchange for business dealings or other reasons.

These procedures include inspection of the notes using ultraviolet lights or a counterfeit pen and some techniques which help a person identify the authenticity of a banknote by a simple physical examination. The following article will help you stay aware of all the signs which can identify a fake banknote.

The watermark

The watermark is a special feature on a real banknote that is very difficult to be copied on a counterfeit banknote. The watermark is an essential feature that is unique to every banknote, regarding its placement and the image that is printed on it. It is advised to be aware of what the actual watermark looks like to detect if it is fake or not. Additionally, the watermark is never visible unless the banknote is held up to a light, which should be ensured when inspecting a banknote.

Blurred up borders or text

One of the easiest ways to identify a counterfeit banknote is if it has blurry images and the borders are not detailed. An actual note always has text written in easily readable and very small fonts, which is not easy to replicate on a counterfeit note. If there is any text which is unclear and unreadable, it means it is a fake note. The printing capabilities of a fake money printer are far less than compared of the printer that prints out actual banknotes.

The texture of the note

All banknotes use a special printing feature which makes the notes have raised texts and images. This makes the note rougher and has a texture to it. This feature is unlikely to be on a counterfeit banknote which feels much smothering as if you’re holding a piece of paper.

Security thread

The security thread is unique to every banknote. They also have text engraved on them to determine the value of the note and its authenticity. The positioning and placement of the security thread are one of the most difficult things to replicate for a counterfeit banknote, which makes it one of the best ways to determine the authenticity of a banknote.

The serial number

The serial number displayed on the note uses certain codes to determine the year in which the note was made. It is advised to be aware of these codes for your country’s currency and ensure that they are accurately assigned to the banknote concerning the year when the banknote was made.All these methods enable an individual to ascertain the authenticity of a banknote. These techniques do not involve relying on purpose-built devices or tools to perform the checks, rather they rely on physical inspection which can be performed by anyone.