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How to Keep Kids Safe on Instagram

Undoubtedly, Instagram is a great application through which not only adults but also kids can have an amazing time. These days, being active on social media is considered to be necessary, otherwise, one will be considered primitive and out-of-date. This way, parents have allowed their kids to make accounts on Instagram, but they must keep a strict eye on all the activities to ensure that kids stay safe on Instagram

Following are some of the ways through which your kids can be kept safe while they’re on Instagram:

Private accounts

First and foremost, it is potent for a parent to keep a child’s account private. This way, only his or her followers will be able to view posts only. This step does better than anything else, as strangers who specifically harass kids are not on board. Other than that, people who are on social media only to commit heinous acts towards kids are already kept miles apart. Thus, you can guarantee the safety of your child in the best way possible.

Existing followers

It is important to keep a strict eye on what your kid’s followers are up to on Instagram. Oftentimes, there are some kids of the same age group or even adults who comment on things that make the child feel inferior, or in worst-case scenarios, it completely shatters the confidence of a child. Experts say that all you have to do is monitor the existing activities and block followers who are to cause more harm than good. This way, your child will feel safe.

Posts and comments

Oftentimes, some followers, although they are friends or distant family members, post videos or pictures that may be inappropriate for your child to see. At this tender age, it is important to teach your child the disparity between right and wrong. So, feel free to unfollow such people. This guide will prove to be advantageous in this case. They also state that if you believe there are offensive comments on your child’s posts or anything that might intimidate him or her, you should be more than happy to delete such comments. This way, your child will be more confident in the virtual world.


Lastly, counseling your child is extremely important. Tell your child that no matter whatever the case is, they should consider you as their friend and tell you anything without any reluctance or fear. Also, it is important to mentally prepare them for the world they will have to live in. Tell them that not all people are good, and the best way is to ignore such negative people.

The world of Instagram is not very safe for children. Hence, it is important to have a friendly relationship with your child and keep a strict eye on whatever is going on in his Instagram feed. It is important for parents to restrict their children from using Instagram until they reach a certain age and prepare them for the world that they will have to face in the future.