Has Instagram ruined travel?

In the modern era where technology and social media have become the talk of the town, there are a lot of recent developments taking place which have altered the way people usually go about their personal and professional life. Everything ranging from the way we eat to the way we socialize to the way we travel has been directly or indirectly impacted by the growth of technology as well as social media. For instance, Instagram is one platform that has led the way in influencing our daily affairs. Usually, people spend a lot of time on the platform and look to update the followers of their happenings regularly. Many Instagram growth trends have also been introduced that have made the use of Instagram even more interesting. However, all things aside, some critics believed that technological change has brought about negative impacts more than anything else. On this, one of the most common questions that often arises is that “has Instagram ruined travel?”

Instagram & Travel

There is no doubt that one of the industries that have been most directly impacted by advancements in social media has been the travel and tourism industry. Every traveler focuses on getting the best pictures and videos so that they can post them on their Instagram accounts for their followers to see. Traveling has become much more interesting than before since a lot of focus has also shifted towards getting the highest quality content possible. This means that whatever the travelers eat, wherever they go, whatever they do, they tend to document it in the shape of pictures and videos that are then shared online. Most of this content goes on Instagram which is now considered as the hub for content sharing, especially the ones related to travel and tourism.

Has Instagram ruined travel?

Many critics are of the view that Instagram has negatively impacted traveling. This is probably because they feel that the authenticity of traveling has been disturbed. Since the travelers focus on preserving memories rather than making them first hand, they tend to miss out on a lot of life experiences because they are too busy capturing them on camera. It is indeed true that travelers have started to pay more attention to what and how they preserve memories for their Instagram rather than experiencing them live. This is an extremely toxic and negative thing since the true essence of traveling is lost. On the flip side, however, Instagram provides a great platform for all people sitting at home to try to experience everything from the comfort of their home. Plus, this also provides the followers with much-needed information and enables them to effectively plan their next vacations or travels accordingly.


Technology and social media have their fair share of pros and cons. While there are many benefits to all this, platforms like Instagram have indeed contributed negatively to the true essence of travel as well.