İcmeler used to be a village where nobody went or visited other than the villagers. Marmaris, the bigger city 8 km away from Icmeler even used to be a small holiday resort.

As Marmaris got popular in the 80’s and got discovered by foreigners visiting this city, Icmeler slowly started developing. Investors saw Icmeler as the next place of tourists. Marmaris got bigger and bigger and became a world-wide resort for people all over the world. Even forests and hills around Marmaris turned into big hotels and resorts. The total number of restaurants and bars in Marmaris doubled each year serving some 3 million tourists a year. Icmeler meanwhile was just a place now to go and see the village life in Turkey. Hotel developments got faster as more tourists came to see Icmeler. Marti was the only resort at the time, and was know for it’s quiet, by the nature location. This all changed in 10 years, from 1990 to 2000, many hotels, aparts, restaurants , bars, shops etc were built and Icmeler was now a top-class resort. It was big enough to serve everyone’s needs yet so small that everyone visiting or working there felt like they were all neigbours.

That is now what makes Icmeler different than the other places to visit. It has this magic to it and once you stay there over night, you don’t want to stay anywhere else but there. People who have been to Icmeler before know about this and mention it everytime they get a chance.

Icmeler is also very special with its location. It is situated on a big bay with a beach that goes all the way to Marmaris. Lots of green, all low size buildings which makes you feel at ease and live athmosphere where it makes you think everyone on this destination resort is happy with their lives. This is usually true. There are people working in Icmeler who choose to work in Icmeler eventhough they could make more money somewhere else. Oh, one more thing, almost every Turkish fellow who works in Icmeler has a nick name so that people who can’t speak Turkish can refer to them easily…doesn’t that tell you something about the people of Icmeler…very very caring and friendly…maybe its because if one thing goes wrong in Icmeler, everyone in Icmeler will know:)