The national holidays in Turkey are based on the international calendar and have fixed dates every year. These are:
January 1st New Year's Day
April 23rd National Sovereignty and Children's Day
May 19th Aturturk's Commemoration and Youth and Sports Day
August 30th Victory Day
October 29th National Republic Day
Religious holidays fall on different dates each year because they are regulated by the Islamic calendar. The two important religious holidays are called Seker Bayrami (The Feast of Sweets, lasting for three days) and Kurban Bayrami (The Feast of Holy Sacrifice, lasting for four days). Both periods of merriment when children are given new clothes, the poor are helped and all the family members are visited, being a Muslim country, Turkey has no Christmas holiday.
Schools break up from the middle of June to early September and also for two weeks in February which are taken as the winter holiday.



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