Cars in Turkey

If you are in Turkey as a foreigner and you want to acquire a car, the first thing you must do is look at its number plate. A white number plate on a car means all the Turkish duties have been paid. You may buy a new car from a dealer duty free, which will make it about 30% cheaper but in this case you have to apply for a blue number plate to show that the car belongs to a foreigner.
Alternatively you can bring your foreign plate car, or buy one from a departing foreigner but unless you apply for a blue plate for it, the car has to be taken out of Turkey every three months. Blue plate cars can be bought from other foreigners as well and the best place to find these is in a Yabancidan Yabanciya (foreigner to Foreigner) column in the daily paper. Road tax is collected twice a year and is compulsory for everybody.



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